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Meet our DMOs
We're building a powerhouse team of in-market leaders across our operating markets, and they bring deep experience in every aspect of real estate investing and management.
Developing your SFR strategy
Is it time to reevaluate your analytical framework for SFR? Underwriting for price appreciation should be given as much weight as cap rates in your return analysis, if not more.
Break up with your bond portfolio
Long-term bonds offer low-volatility income and equity diversification, but the evolution of bond markets has eroded returns, and investors are no longer adequately compensated for increased risk. It's time to rethink traditional allocations and consider SFR as part of a well-balanced portfolio.
Self-managing rentals: the opportunity cost
Self-managing your rental investments to save property management expenses may seem like a good idea, but this decision has real tradeoffs.
Throw away the keys
Whether you manage a single rental property or thousands, you should plan to kill the keys and implement a keyless entry system and smart lock. For anybody doing the math the return on investment is abundantly clear.
Welcome to the future of property management
We are excited to announce the limited release of Elara, a new world-class property manager! Elara provides better service by combining a technology-driven approach with unrivaled operating experience.
What's new in property management technology
With so many new technologies out there, it can be hard to decide what's a gimmick and what's a game-changer. The right tech will reduce operating costs, grow revenue, and remove stress, making the search well worth the effort.