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We're bringing together an incredible team of industry experts, storied builders, top-notch pros, and restless innovators to help us change the experience of renting a home—for residents and investors.
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What we bring to the table

Startup energy

We’re changing property management with cutting edge AI, best-in-class operators, amazing partners, and an attitude that together, we’ll get audacious things done. We have a healthy distrust of the status quo and look for leaders who can push our thinking forward.

Competitive benefits

We’re nimble, we move fast, and we find joy in hard problems. It’s a culture we cherish, and we know the only way to keep it strong is to support people in the even important work of staying well. Our outstanding benefits package reflects that commitment.

Flexible time off

High-octane creativity and can-do spirit come from well-rested brains. That’s why our flexible PTO policy is designed to help our teammates continually show up at their best for their colleagues, clients, and residents.

Meet our team leaders

Hench LeMaistre

Founder & CEO

Q Shay

Founder & CTO

Charlie Mullan

Founder & CSO

Shaun O'Connor


Patrick Murphy

Director, Program Management

Liana Klumpp

Compliance Lead

Andrew Forcier

Head of People & Culture

Jon Ortner

VP, Business Development

Kimberly Swanigan

Director of Market Operations, Atlanta

CJ Childress

Director of Market Operations, Dallas-Fort Worth

Joe Keenan

Director of Market Operations, Charlotte

Julie Weston

Director of Market Operations, Tampa

Tony Colbaugh

Director of Market Operations, Alabama

Matt Harris

Director of Market Operations, Nashville

Bryan Sharp

Director of Renovations

Matthew Bowman

Director of Market Operations, Kansas City

Our experience

Teams of 1k+

We've run operations for teams of every size, from the small but mighty to teams of thousands

40+ Years

Our founders have deep experience across property management and technology

70,000+ Units

Our team members have managed large-scale portfolios across the U.S

$1B+ in Transactions

Collectively, we've overseen acquisitions and financing for billions of dollars of transactions