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Rent like you
own the place

We want to create fundamentally better experiences for people who rent homes and fundamentally better returns for those who own them, and that starts with making the renting life more effortless for everyone.
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We do things differently

Are you a big fan of your property manager? If your answer is somewhere between ‘Nope’ and ‘Not often,’ you’re not alone. That’s why we’re here. We know we can do better.

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When it comes to our resident experience, we operate with a simple code

Get personal

To us, you’re a human. If that sounds obnoxiously obvious, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve seen too many companies treat their residents like numbers on a spreadsheet. And that’s not good for people or business. Your experience in your home is the most important thing to us. Because selfishly, we want you to stay.

Make it easy

Enginerds at heart, we’re transforming the renting experience with smart technologies like keyless entry and a custom digital portal that keeps the ins and outs of resident life in one place. Pay rent, make service requests, and give feedback online anytime.

Pets please

We’re pretty confident our tech can help make life easier, but we’re absolutely certain your pets can make life better. That’s why all of our homes are pet friendly.

At your service

Our full-time concierge team is on a mission to make every Elara property feel like—you guessed it—home. They’ll be your go-to partner through the whole journey from application to move-in to move on, ready to answer questions and offer support along the way.

What People Say About Us

Elara is the best property management my huband and I have worked with, and it’s because of you all!

Nashville, TN

I've lived a lot of different places, but my Elara concierge will be the first property manager who actually cared about my family. She helped us at every step.

Marilee J.
Nashville, TN

A lot of companies say they are built on novel technology, but Elara really is a tech-powered approach to property management. When we can be smarter about how we operate at scale, that's ultimately better for us and residents.

M. Breyer
Nashville, TN