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powered property management for SFR

With best-in-industry technology and world-class operators, we're transforming the way investors build and manage SFR portfolios at scale.
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We can take it from here

By combining greater efficiency with greater resident focus, we create a better experience for those who live in Elara-managed homes and those who own them.

What we offer SFR investors

Long-term value

We have collectively managed 70,000+ single-family rentals for major investors. We know what operational success looks like. We also know what it looks like to do better. We’re here for long-term value creation, and that starts with better analytics, better resident experience, and better partnerships with pros in every market.

Operational excellence

We’ve applied our experience and restless ingenuity to build the most advanced operating tools in the market. We offer our clients AI-powered analytics, data-driven operations, and high transparency around how we use data science to inform investment decision-making. 

Smart home retrofitting
and renovations

With a seamless handoff from our realty services team to our property management experts, we bring analytical efficiency and market knowledge to renovations and turns, upgrading every home with retrofits that power both short-term cost-savings and long-term appreciation.

Data-driven lifecycle management

Advanced decision science and automation technology paired with our deep expertise in SFR allows us to provide end-to-end services efficiently at scale. We can protect yields and maximize returns on a per-property and cross-portfolio basis.

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What People Say About Us

Elara is the best property management my huband and I have worked with, and it’s because of you all!

Nashville, TN

I've lived a lot of different places, but my Elara concierge will be the first property manager who actually cared about my family. She helped us at every step.

Marilee J.
Nashville, TN

A lot of companies say they are built on novel technology, but Elara really is a tech-powered approach to property management. When we can be smarter about how we operate at scale, that's ultimately better for us and residents.

M. Breyer
Nashville, TN
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