Decorating Tips for 2023

December 13, 2022

New year, new decor! Updating your interior vibe is a great way to make your rented home your own. Get inspired with these six rental-friendly decorating tips designed to help you hone your style and show off your taste (without draining your wallet!)

Make your home and spirit bright!

A New Year sparks innovation and a sense of possibility. Change is in the air! Creating a space that brings you joy helps you cultivate a positive outlook for the year ahead. There are many simple ways to get your favorite rooms up to date without omitting your own personal style - or spending a fortune. Here are our easy rent-friendly decorating tips that will make you feel at home and on trend.

Pop of Color

The official 2023 Pantone color of the year is Viva Magenta. Use subtle hints of the color with pillows, blankets, ottomans, or towels. Don’t underestimate the power of a great throw pillow or bold area rug. These key accessories add depth and interest. Get crafty and stencil the color on a thrifted side table or bench to make it your own. Use different tints of the color, or any color you prefer, in multiple places in the room for a cohesive look. Whatever you choose, have fun with it! 

DIY Fireplace 

No fireplace? No problem! Try an electric fireplace to give the room a warm ambiance.  Freestanding fireplaces come in all kinds of styles and have realistic flames that will look perfect under a built-in mantle. You can even buy or make your own custom mantle surround to prop against the wall in the living room or primary suite. Decorate the mantle with the seasons or make it a bookshelf to create the perfect cozy reading area. 

Rounded Furniture

Think arch mirrors, cornerless sofas, and waterfall coffee tables. How great will it be to get rid of those sharp edges? The curves introduce a soft and calming environment. When you come home after a long day, surround yourself with the gentle contours of relaxation. 

Performance Fabrics

All of our homes are pet-friendly, so your seating options should be, too! No more covering up beautiful couches with blankets because you’re worried about scratches or stains. A new class of strong, durable fabrics (like these from Inside Weather) are engineered to repel water, prevent fading, resist mildew, and withstand snags. Dirty paw prints can be easily wiped off, or the covers can be tossed in the washing machine for a good-as-new clean. Plus, they're invented to retain their form and comfort for as long as possible. Your pet will thank you for it! 


History does repeat itself, especially in fashion and interior design. It’s time to get groovy because this decade is making a comeback. You’ll be seeing lots of disco balls, quirky vases, and record players on inspirational Insta accounts and in home magazines. Add mini disco balls to a bowl to make a centerpiece on a console table or around your indoor plants where they can reflect the light. Make a turntable stand the focal point in your room and display your beloved records in a classic vinyl cabinet or floor stand. Or find some colorful pop art to adorn your walls, which leads us to...

Original Artwork 

Whether your tastes run to paintings, sculpture, or ceramic accents, make your home a showcase for local and small-batch art. Walk around galleries or farmers’ markets and find pieces that speak to you, or cruise sites like Society6 that curate the work of emerging artists. Either way, you can step up your gallery wall game with a collection no one could find in a department store. The texture and originality of each piece will add dimension and warmth to your space and show off your style. Remember when putting anything onto walls to use Command™ Strips and adhere to the weight limit, or opt instead to display your art on accent tables and bookshelves.

Rent like you own the place! Embrace the New Year and may your design journey be fulfilling and exciting. We want you to be happy and relaxed in a space that reflects who you are. Here’s to making lasting memories in your home in 2023.