Housewarming Gift Guide

November 30, 2022

Moving is one of life's most exciting events. Celebrate the moment in a friend's or family member's life with a thoughtful gift that makes their new house feel more like home.

Celebrate a new move with a thoughtful gift

So, you received an invite to a housewarming party. Now what? Let them know you’re excited for their new beginning with a small gesture. If they’re living on their own for the first time or simply moved somewhere they’re especially proud of (like into an Elara home!), they’ll want to show it off to their friends and family. Help make their new house a home with these thoughtful gift ideas.

1. Napkin Holders

They’ve dreamed of having extravagant dinner parties and now they finally have a formal dining room. These small but important elements will bring them one step closer to host one.

2. Homemade Food

If there’s still unpacking to do, take off the stress of cooking with a casserole. At the end of a long day, they can just heat it up and relax. 

3. Throw Blanket

Literally warm them up with a blanket that matches their personality or color scheme. Nashville Blanket Project donates blankets to those in need with every purchase.

4. Drinkware Sets

No more miscellaneous coffee mugs or drinking wine in a water glass. A matching set of 4 wine glasses will make them feel all grown up. 

5. An Indoor Plant

Opt for something low-maintenance, like a Snake Plant, that will still thrive if they forget to water it a couple times. Or consider a fresh bouquet of flowers to put on their new island or dining table.

Gifts are never required, but if this is a friend's or family members' first house, or they need a helpful nudge to get on their feet, you may feel like doing a little something extra for them. Whatever it is, they will be appreciative of your support as they settle into their new digs.