Gift Guide for the Host

November 29, 2022

Head to your next holiday party with a gift for the host that shows how much you appreciate their efforts and ensures that you're always at the top of their guest list.

Get the host of your next holiday gathering a gift they'll love

Hosts live to please, so make their job easier and acknowledge their hard work with a gift. A good rule of thumb is to never arrive at a gathering empty handed. While you can never go wrong with a bottle of wine or bubbly, switch things up with these practical and fun ideas. 

1. Charcuterie Board

They may already have one or two of these, but with how trendy they are today, you can find lots of fun designs and shapes to collect, and your host will be able to switch things up when their party theme changes. Check out some of the customizable options at Mark & Graham for inspiration.

2. Decanter or Electric Bottle Opener

Prepare for those who do bring extra bottles of wine with a decanter that provides table top style and improves the taste of wine for the guests. Or bring an electric bottle opener that makes extracting those tricky corks a breeze.

3. Tea Towels

These decorative gems make wonderful serving accessories and excellent back up when there’s a spill or the host needs a hot pad. The variety of uses for tea towels means you can never have too many! You can also use the towel to wrap a gift for a two-in-one present.  Start your hunt for the perfect tea towel with these fun designs from Geometry.

4. Candle 

Your host probably goes through candles like crazy to create the perfect ambiance. Pick out a high quality candle in their favorite scent that they can light when they’re ready to unwind. Apartment Therapy recently put together their guide to the season's best candle gifts.

5. Coffee Table Book

Both educational and artful, coffee table books are a way to showcase the homeowner’s interests and inspire conversations. When they’re on display, guests can flip through and find common ground while they enjoy the fabulous photography. Looking for somewhere to start? Try this list of stylish options.

6. Group Game 

New party games like Werewolf or Tell Me Without Telling Me are awesome for parties where people might not know each other. Help amp up the vibe by getting everyone to participate and take some weight off the host’s shoulders. The New York Times has done the leg work with a compilation of 2022's best board games.

Quick tip: Be prepared before the holiday party season with a basket of these gifts by the door, so you can grab and go without having to worry about rushing to the store at the last minute.