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About Elara: Does Elara have team members in my area?
Application Criteria: Does Elara have income requirements?
Application Criteria: How do you pick between multiple applications?
Application Criteria: How does the background check work?
Application Criteria: How is my credit score used when I apply?
Application Criteria: If my application is accepted, do I automatically get to sign a lease?
Application Criteria: What documents do I need to complete an application?
Application Criteria: Will my application be considered if I have low credit or a past eviction?
Contact: How do I get in touch with Elara?
Contact: How do I make service requests?
Contact: What is the Elara Resident Services Team?
Keyless Entry: What is Rently?
Lease Agreement: Does Elara have flexible lease terms?
Move-In: How do I get my keys for move-in?
Move-In: What move-in fees should I expect?
Pet Policy: Are pets allowed?
Pet Policy: Will my pet require additional costs?
Renters Insurance: Do I need it?
Renters Insurance: How do I add Elara as an "additional interested party"?
Resident Portal: What is the Resident Portal?
Security Deposit: How much is the security deposit?
Utilities: How will I set up and pay utilities?