Meet our DMOs

March 10, 2022

We're building a powerhouse team of in-market leaders across our operating markets.

We welcome our newest leaders to our property management team

Elara is assembling an extraordinarily talented team of real estate veterans. Meet the leaders who have joined us in the last few months.

Kimberly Swanigan - Director of Market Operations, Atlanta

Kimberly is a data-driven decision-maker who masterfully balances both short-term and long-term operational objectives. As a regional ops leader at Bridge Investment Group and national ops leader at First Key Homes, she has a long history of driving productivity and profitability, always with an eye on the long-term benefit to clients, residents, and her teams.

Joe Keenan - Director of Market Operations, Charlotte

Joe innately champions the belief that treating residents well and delivering returns for clients are one and the same goal. Throughout his career, he has mastered multiple disciplines, from hands-on operator and in-field leader to BI and asset management executive. With an entrepreneurial bent and expertise across the property management "stack," he's an invaluable conduit between the teams, customers, and tech that power our business.

Julie Weston - Director of Market Operations, Tampa

Julie brings her incredible versatility and award-winning real estate sales and leadership experience to Elara. She is uniquely adept at bringing innovative technologies and storied market expertise together to power the success of her clients and her teams, in every aspect of real estate investing and management. And throughout her career, she has been an advocate within the industry, prioritizing mentorship and professional coaching to help others succeed.

Matt Harris - Director of Market Operations, Nashville

Matt is an experienced operational leader who brings analytical firepower, technical know-how, and exceptional commitment to the customer experience. As the leader in one of our fastest-growing markets, Matt calls on his background in both consulting and property management to keep the pulse on market dynamics and local trends in service of delivering the best outcomes for clients and residents.

Tony Colbaugh - Director of Market Operations, Alabama

A driven leader who brooks no obstacles to getting things done, Tony joins us with a wealth of executive leadership experience in construction, property management, and brokerage services. Combining business acumen and operational expertise, Tony covers ground, constantly epitomizing the determination, collegiality, and customer-first philosophy that drive our culture and our work.

Curtis "CJ" Childress - Director of Market Operations, Dallas

CJ's career spans hospitality, commercial real estate, and real estate investing, and his passion for exceptional customer service runs through all of his work. Fine-tuned in operational leadership roles at Four Seasons and WeWork, his collaborative approach to problem-solving and his customer-first philosophy power step-change improvement in the quality of the experience we provide our residents and our clients.