Welcome to the future of property management

July 1, 2020

At Elara, we understand the importance and the rarity of exceptional property management. Over the past 10 years, our founders managed the operations of more than 70,000 single-family rentals across the US. Fed up with the lack of quality service and the slow pace of innovation, they decided to partner with some of the best technologists and developers in enterprise technology to start Elara. Driven to create better resident experiences and better investor returns, Elara is combining world-class operating experience with tech-driven innovation.

Welcome to the future of property management

Elara is in Nashville! We're excited to announce that our team in Nashville is led by Elara co-founder and long-time Nashville agent, builder, and investor, Chris Koch.

Elara offers end-to-end property management and brokerage services grounded in advanced modeling techniques and technologies. We combine local market expertise with cutting-edge data science to construct and manage SFR portfolios at the speed of today's market. When you partner with Elara's property management or brokerage services team, you will also get early access to new products and markets as they become available.

About Elara

Elara is a full-service, technology-powered property management solution that handles acquisitions, renovations, ongoing management, and strategic disposition of residential rentals. With a combination of data-driven decision-making and world-class operating experience, we deliver efficiency and quality at scale to help you get more out of every home. Schedule a meeting with our team.